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The law may protect you more than you realize.

Some people are so paralyzed with fear that they do not get the answers they need to have peace. Understanding your rights under Utah family law can help you make the decisions that are right for you and your children.

At Woods Law, we understand that if you are going through family-related legal challenges, you are under a great deal of stress. Decisions made in the legal process carry significant impacts on your life, because after all, your family is everything. We understand the importance of your concerns and dedicate ourselves to valiantly advocating for them. We want your family to remain as in tact, functional, and thriving as possible given the circumstances, even when those circumstances include divorce or other challenges.

We want to help ease your burdens and worries, genuinely listen to your concerns and questions, and full-heartedly strive to obtain the results that you desire so that you and your family can be headed in a positive direction. Despite the challenges of your situation, Woods Law you will walk through it, step by step, focused on you and your children's best interest.

If you are looking for an affordable Utah divorce, we will help you navigate Utah divorce and child custody laws, division of marital and personal property, marital debts and retirement accounts; enforce an existing Utah parent time, Utah alimony, or Utah child support obligation; or modify an already-issued Utah Decree of Divorce. Call today for a free consultation.

More Than Just Attorneys

At Woods Law, we care about your well-being, your children, your situation, and how the outcome of these legal issues will affect your family in the future. We take great care in providing you with compassionate, high-quality, and affordable legal assistance so that you can navigate through the legal system with confidence and find peace during one of the most stressful periods of your life.

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Daniel M. Woods

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Mr. Woods is a successful trial lawyer. His passion lies with helping families navigate the difficult situation of divorce. He has performed various successful trials, both bench and jury trials, and has appeared before appellate, trial and administrative judges and in federal, state and territorial courts.

Prior to starting Woods Law, Mr. Woods clerked for the Honorable Dale A. Kimball of the United States District Court for the District of Utah. In May 2011, he accepted an international position as an Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa. During his time overseas, he defended the U.S. Territory against a variety of civil claims and appeared regularly before the High Court of American Samoa. In May 2012, Mr. Woods was an instructor at the Conference of Western Attorney Generals (CWAG) Alliance Partnership's oral advocacy training for Mexican lawyers held in San Diego, C.A.

Mr. Woods has enjoyed many successes. He believes that preparation and hard work are key to achieving the best result for his clients and he is an intentional, careful and successful lawyer.

True to his name, he is a lover of the outdoors, mountains, lakes and enjoys exercise, and learning. Utah Bar, 2009

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E. Tatiana Quinn

Law clerk
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Tatiana hails from California and is a graduate of Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. She is passionate about helping families and individuals, including children, as they navigate through the legal system. In law school, she sought out opportunities to meet, serve, and connect with such people, making family law, juvenile justice, child welfare, and criminal defense internships and externships her priority. She has assisted many family law attorneys and low-income clients in her community, and continues to volunteer at the Family Justice and Timpanogos Legal Centers.

For a time, she helped youth in a juvenile detention center to prepare for their unrepresented detention hearings. She has also worked with the Juvenile Defense Division of the Utah County Public Defender’s Office, spending much time in court advocating for children and parents under attorney supervision.

Tatiana has volunteered as a substitute judge for the Nebo School District’s Truancy Diversion Program, and prior to law school she volunteered as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in the Utah County Child Welfare System. She served on the Executive Committee of her Law School’s annual International Law and Religion Symposium, and was Vice President of the Criminal Justice Club. Tatiana loves music and the arts, soccer, skiing, and wedding planning. Elle parle français. 

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Eva I. Gordon

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