How Much Child Support Will I Receive or Pay in Utah?

Child support in Utah is calculated based on a statutory method. It is based on your and your spouse’s gross monthly incomes. The easiest way to figure out what your child support will likely be is to go to the child support calculator on the Office of Recovery Services (ORS)’s website. On that page you can enter in your monthly gross income, your spouse’s monthly gross income, and the number of minor children, each in their separate boxes. Then press the button and it will pump out the amount of money that both you and your spouse should be paying in child support. (No worries - neither your entries nor the results will be automatically sent or recorded anywhere.)

Something that people do not typically realize is that both the mother and the father have a child support obligation, though only the noncustodial parent will pay it. For example, if the children live with dad and he is the custodial parent, he is not going to pay child support to himself. He is going to receive child support, in the amount that was calculated as the mom’s obligation. But dad will still technically have a child support obligation assigned to him. It works the same way if the mom is the custodial parent. If mom is the custodial parent, she will have a child support obligation that she does not pay to herself, but is nonetheless calculated. She will receive child support from dad in the amount calculated as his obligation. So both will have an obligation, but only the noncustodial parent will pay that monthly obligation to the other parent. 

By using the online calculator, you will get a fair idea for how much money in child support you will either be receiving on a monthly basis or paying on a monthly basis, depending on whether you are the custodial parent or non-custodial parent. If you and your spouse are assigned joint custody or split custody of the children, child support will work a little differently so just make sure to fill out line 8 or 9 on the calculator, as applicable.

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